Travis Scott (Highest in the room)

It's something about Travis Scott that makes me want to see more of him, and want to know more about him. Very unique and different in his own way, make you wonder what goes on in his head while making his songs or coming up with visuals. I know for sure being that he is from Houston Texas the name AstroWorld comes from a theme park that was very popular back in the days. It had all the major rides and everyone would meet up there to hang out and have fun. It was on October 30, 2005, the final day of Fright Fest, that AstroWorld took its final bow. No worries Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted that a "theme park-like AstroWorld" could be making its way back to the city which is exciting for the youth and families. Travis Scott also will be having his second annual Astroworld festival, this one taking place, again in his hometown of Houston, on November 9. I can't wait to see the turn out of it. Make sure you all check out Travis Scott, he definitely not slept on at iBangerz Magazine.

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