The Bachelor-Smooth Lux


There is an open casting call for single ladies interested in finding their forever IMVU love.  Chance S. Lux, 23 is a king looking for a queen! His mellow suave personality gives a sense of smoothness.... thus, why most know him as Smooth. From photography to video, Smooth has many talents and hopes to share his time on imvu with a beautiful and bright woman who has a vibe that complements his own, while keeping things fun and interesting. Could that be you?

If you're interested, fill out the application below for a chance at love!!!! MR LUX "SMOOTH" @smoothchanceatlove on IG.


Smooth's Chance At Love Show Application

Please read fully and fill out entirely with honesty. Warning: Participate at your own risk. We are not responsible for any broken hearts, lost dreams, lost morals, and so forth. If or when your heart is broken, kindly clean it up quickly then use a Lux tissue for your issues.

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