WHICH GIRL FROM #GirlsTrip ARE YOU? “That’s My Girl”

The titular trip is a reunion of sorts for a quartet of college friends, and we begin with an introduction to the “Flossy Posse,” flashing between their ’90s heyday and their less-than-ideal present. There’s Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith), a perfect wife and mother turned single mom; Sasha (Queen Latifah), a journalist turned broke gossip blogger; and Dina (Tiffany Haddish), a raucous party girl who’s recently lost her job, not that she seems to realize or care. The only one who seems to have come out of her 30s unscathed is Ryan (Regina Hall), a lifestyle guru married to a hot athlete named Stewart (Mike Colter) and the author of a best-selling book entitled You Can Have It All. Clearly, someone’s being set up for a comeuppance via the titular getaway to New Orleans, where all four women will attend the Essence Festival, and where Ryan will deliver a pivotal keynote speech inevitably centering on what she learned from her Girls on their wild Trip. If this table-setting is the part of Girls Trip that drags most, you come to appreciate it in hindsight. The film begins and ends in an ocean of clichés, but it’s all comfort coating for the exuberantly free-form filling.