Teach me to be a man. By: Sir Royale

Excuse me, Sir...
can you teach me how to be a man?
 You see my dad left me a while back leaving my mom to play his hand and...
I don't think shes fit for the job not saying that she's not good at what she does, but there's
no way that she can teach me to stand like you.
install me with pride, putting strength in my hand's so I can fight like you.
 Injecting me with the blood of a lion so I can protect you...
because I don't want to see her cry no more.
over the years I taught myself a few thing.
 I know a mans not suppose to leave the story he built just to create another scene...
with a new cast...
leaving us in the past,
like outdated fashion. his love is supposed to be everlasting.
yet when I look at my class to bring your dad to school day I'm they praying they call me last and...
I'm tired of hurting too.
you see ever since he left our life hasn't been the same.
it seems like the world is enjoying the sunny days while we are sitting in the rain.
I was forced to grow up faster than my age.
learning things I'm not ready for, I feel like my life has skipped an entire page.
but that's ok.
another thing I taught myself is when you love sometimes you gotta sacrifice.
you see my mama was hurt before but I be damned if its twice.
so I dedicated my life to making sure she smiles again.
I would do whatever it takes to make sure she knows she's loved and only then...
will I worry about myself?
so I just need one thing from you if you can...
the only thing I want is.
for you to teach me to be a man...

Happy with you

I don't know about you, but I just want to be happy.

I just want a rollie rollie rollie wit a bad chick beside me.
I want to play out the movie idea of life and love for real.
holding hands on the beach digging my toes in the sand just to see how it feel.
I just want the world to get to know who I really am. 
from my likes to my dislikes and how much I'm loving my fam.
I want a woman to love me so right the only thing I can say is damn.
is that all me?
did God really bless me with a woman that can pull out a different side quicker than I can pull out the D?
It is she.
who I desire to wake up every morning too.
contemplating on how I can find a new way to make your smile come thru. 
I just want someone to make me a grilled cheese.
oozing out the sides got me licking my knees.
gurl please... do that for me.
and in return, i will love you forever and always.
opening your feelings like a fresh bag of lays. 
let me eat you...
letting your nectar flow thru my body intertwining with my blood
injecting in my veins piercing through like an ear with a stud. 
letting it hit my heart. 
allowing you to become the reason why I live. 
leaving no room for pain allowing me to forgive. 
I wanna be able to find a girl that appreciates me buying flowers.
love it when we sit and talk for hours.
I need someone who can make me feel higher than popping a pill.
someone who I can carry through the storm as if we were Jack and Jill conquering the hill, for real. let's let the world know the deal. 
even when we argue ill stand by you still.
to the end...
I mean...
I just wanna be happy.
no matter what I do. 
but I know I cant be happy 
that happy's with you...

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