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Blush Bridesmaids

“She blushed like the moonlight; And once again, my feelings ignite.” -Dhawal Barot   With summer coming up, what better time to have a down home, rustic, outdoor wedding?  No matter if you’re a country girl at heart or just a rustic fashionista, outdoor weddings can be just as big and amazing as any other […]

Celebrity News
Harry & Meghans Royal Wedding

On Saturday May 19th, 2018 Prince Harry & Meghan Markle tied the knot while most of us were sleeping. Although that didn’t stop an estimated 3 Billion people Worldwide from tuning in to watch them wed. The ceremony was beautiful, from their traditional style Royal Wedding traditions to Bishop Michael Curry delivering a powerful sermon […]

QT Memoirs
Divorce Chronicles The Finale

Divorce Chronicles The Finale Am I Good Enough? As I mentioned in Divorce Chronicles Part 1, I decided to change my avatar appearance to make my avatar look more appealing to his eyes because I didn’t want to feel like I was just a lonely housewife and mother. I wanted our bond back of what […]

QT Memoirs
Divorce Chronicles Part 1

The Wedding: A day that every woman dreamed about since their early childhood. A journey that every woman can’t wait to experience with her spouse to be. To become one flesh, one soul, two people spiritually bonded together that no man can pull apart. The Beginning, Honeymoon Phase: As I write this, please don’t see […]

Do he love you if……

Sometimes we question ourselves if the man we are in love with, love us like we love them. Sometimes a man action is different from what his mouth says. He will tell you he loves you, and will never intentionally hurt you, but he has done exactly the opposite. He’s not showing love, he’s acting like […]