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iBangerz 2018 Honor Awards

iBangerz Magzine is currently working on the award show for upcoming date of September 30th. Nominees and Honorees will be announced soon. If you are interested in being a performer or presenter please Contact email Aasimah @ ibangerzmagazineco@gmail.com, Stay tuned more info coming up!!! iBangerz 4th Annual Award Show Coming soon!

Shop Scorphion

Akleema: I do want to say thank you for taking the time out to complete this interview with me today for ibangerz! Scorphion: your welcome miss akleema Scorphion: it is a honor to be here with you Akleema: If you dont mind would you go ahead and introduce yourself to the readers who are you […]

The Bachelor-Smooth Lux

CALLING ALL SINGLE LADIES!   There is an open casting call for single ladies interested in finding their forever IMVU love.  Chance S. Lux, 23 is a king looking for a queen! His mellow suave personality gives a sense of smoothness…. thus, why most know him as Smooth. From photography to video, Smooth has many talents and […]

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JDeNir0 of In My Z0n3 JM Art Galas

Interview: JDeNir0 Owner of In My Z0n3 JM Art Galas and IMVU Creator   Thank you for meeting with me this evening and taking the time out to interview with iBangerz Magazine. JDeNir0: No problem, thank you for the opportunity I really appreciate being chosen to be in your magazine.     What inspired you to become a […]