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Ask Aliyah
Ask Aliyah

New Year…But Is It Really A New You? Everyone LOVES when the holidays come around. Presents, snow, decorations, you name it. But when the new year comes around? Oh boy, that’s a different story. They might as well name it “Cut Off Season”. The infamous holiday of ending relationships with people, and the follow up […]

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Halloween Is Here!

Hαlloweeɴ ιѕ ғιɴαlly нere oɴe oғ мy ғαvorιтe тιмe oғ тнe yeαr! Soмe people do ɴoт celeвrαтe ιт αт αll, dυe тo тнeιr вelιeғѕ. I wαѕ rαιѕed α Cнrιѕтιαɴ αɴd вelιeve ιɴ ɢod, вυт wнαт ѕoмe oғ υѕ do oɴ тнιѕ dαy ιѕ αll ιɴ ғυɴ. Soмe people love тнe ιdeα oғ dreѕѕιɴɢ υp αɴd […]

Mystikal Alleged Accomplice Says Rape Never Happened

According TMZ, The woman wanted by cops for allegedly being an accessory to rape involving Mystikal says she can prove the alleged victim wasn’t sexually assaulted by the rapper. Tenichia Wafford is wanted because cops say she tried to strong-arm the alleged victim into dropping charges that Mystikal and another man raped her in October of last year […]

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Mystikal Turns Himself In to Authorities

According TMZ, Mystikal has been arrested and charged with raping a woman in Louisiana. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the rapper turned himself in Monday to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department, and he was arrested and booked for first degree rape. Shreveport PD put out the arrest warrant last week, but they hadn’t been able to […]

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The Reunion: Part 1 Season 6 Ep 177/10/2017 The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunites as host Nina Parker dives into all of the drama from Season 6. The question of whether Joseline will confront her fellow cast members lingers in the air. Some truths are revealed when Stevie and Tommie spill the […]