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Ask Aliyah
Ask Aliyah

New Year…But Is It Really A New You? Everyone LOVES when the holidays come around. Presents, snow, decorations, you name it. But when the new year comes around? Oh boy, that’s a different story. They might as well name it “Cut Off Season”. The infamous holiday of ending relationships with people, and the follow up […]

iBZ Exclusives
iBANGERZ 3rd Annual Award Show

A Night On the Red Carpet Sunday night was a star student event filled with great performances and overall a great atmosphere. Many artists, business owners, and more were honored for their work here on IMVU. It was a night of recognition and appreciation for their contributions whether it be in music, fashion, or seeing […]

Shop Zahidth

Welcome Viewers to Elite Lifestyles of IMVU and SL. Today’s we are covering Zahidth this AMAZING VISIONARY creator of artistry on IMVU. One of Zahidth’s outlet’s that he expresses his art is IMVU as well as INSTAGRAM. We are following him and you should as well @Zahidth_ We know that our viewers want to be transported […]