Taco Bell Cheddar Chalupa Box! ONLY $5!

Hello and welcome to WHATS COOKING! 

Last week I was out and about driving and shopping. On my way home I wanted to grab a bite and stopped at Taco Bell. I looked and seen this Cheddar Chalupa and IT WAS ONLY 5 DOLLARS! WHAT? Yes only 5. You get Two tacos and the cheddar Chalupa and a soda. To me that's a great deal!

They have it at every taco bell! So if your out go and get you a $5 dollar box of this goodness. I went through the drive through. The employee was nice and sweet I would give him a 9/10.

The food I would give 10/10 because the cheddar is all on the outside shell and It was great good and it didn't even fall apart which I loved because when you eat something out the shell it all falls out. NOPE NOT THIS. STAYED ALL TOGETHER! 

So go over and head to TACO BELL AND GET YOURS!



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