T.I Cheating AGAIN! (Video)

How much can a woman take? This is something women ask themselves when dealing with a man that says he loves her yet is constantly cheating on her. T. I Harris has again been caught cheating on Tameka "Tiny" Harris and it's so sad. In the video, you will see T.I sitting on a couch with a lady accompanying him, and as she starts to sit down he slaps her on her bottom area, she goes on to caress his leg, and he wraps his arm around her and feels her breast and pull her in closer. Now, this is a big issue, if You can't be faithful to your wife, do her a favor and remove Exit, but this goes for the ladies too if you're the one cheating. People do not know this effects not only Tiny but also their kids, she is not going thru this alone. I feel it very inconsiderate and selfish of you T.I MAN UP! 

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