Stevie J. Will Reportedly Get Prison Time

#iBangerz it looks like #StevieJ is heading to the slammer after not paying child support! @TMZ_TV reports the #LHHATL star didn’t get around to coughing up more than $1.3M in owed child support so he has a little over a month to turn himself in to police!
Before the news broke, Stevie was on probation for a plea deal in the same case. The agreement was he would pay his child support to remain out of jail, however it looks like Stevie didn’t fulfill his financial obligations Roomies. He allegedly has been missing monthly payments of $8,557 roughly from 2001 through 2014 to his ex wife #CarolBennett.
The U.S. Attorney of Southern District of NY confirms Stevie will have to turn himself in to authorities by April 10th. Apparently child support cases are usually handled in state court, BUT because of the amount he owes and the different cases in different states he has against him, his legal woes are being treated on a federal level.
Stevie has six kids by five different women. It’s unfortunate to see Stevie in this situation. There’s no word on the amount of jail time Stevie will get as of now.

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