Steve Harvey’s Wife: The Former Trap Queen

Steve Harvey, who left his first wife Marcia for his mistress, whom was Mary Lee Harvey then, divorced her in 2006, for his now wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey. This just in the tabloid magazine “The Globe” reported that they had started a three (3) month ongoing investigation and found FBI files revealing that Marjorie was once married to some major drug lords. According to documents, Marjorie’s hubbies ran smuggling rings that moved hundreds of kilos of narcotics between Houston and Memphis. Marjorie who married Steve Harvey in 2007 came under investigation by the FBI and the U.S Drug Enforcement agency while she was married to the drug lord Jim L. Townsend, whom did nearly three (3) Decades in prison!  Probably where she got her expensive tastes from, spending all that dope money on Versace and Gucci.

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