Hello Readers, lately I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. The waterworks are real. So much build up tears with a whole lot of confusion. I try my best not to get into astrology because my grandmother in my real life was a true Christian woman to the max. But as I read mines, I seen some truth in it. I’m a Virgo, it says when a Virgo loves a Virgo loves hard and it’s so true. They try to say we the crazy types. That’s definitely not true at all. I’m the type of person, that I want to receive what I’m putting out. Because I’m the type of woman that would do anything I possibly can for a man I’m with. I never took love for granted. When I joined IMVU in 2010 it seemed so cool and fun to be apart of at one point. Wow! But now on IMVU is mad crazy. Seeing so many fighting, bashing, lurking, exposing, Real IMVU Escorts, BDSM fanatics, Doms, Slaves, Devil worshipers, Male and Female Undercover Hoes, I mean the list literally goes on and on. I said to myself no one has any morals no more. People on this game is so addicted to a fantasy that they’re starting to loose their real life identity.


To me, I think all social media is toxic, Not only IMVU. I remember my first IMVU talk show, I came out in the open and told my real life story about my most tragic moment I ever experience from the internet in real. That social media site was back in the day when they had MYSPACE, I talk to this guy from MYSPACE for a month or so before we met up, When we did decide to meet up, He was a complete jerk, He was touching all over my body and act like he couldn’t get the hint that I felt uncomfortable. I told him that it wasn’t going to work out. That I hope he finds what he looking for. I’m thinking he went on with his life but bam I get a knock on my door and my 10 year old son at the time let him in. To make the long story short, He held all of us hostage by threatening me and my kids saying he will hurt us. He cut all the phone cords and took every cellphone we had and dragged me into the restroom and raped me, It was a 2 hour nightmare in the restroom. He ripped all my clothes off and raped me in the mirror, As he was pounding me from the back he had his hands around my neck forcing me to look in the mirror, As he made me look in the mirror the called me a ugly pathetic loser, He said to me that no man will ever in life love me, That all I’m good for is a quick F..K! I deeply cried with tears pouring out my eyes. Ugh I’m about to tear up writing this. But I can do it, Somehow God build a warrior within me to use me to reach out to others. Anyways, As he raped me in the mirror calling me names he dragged me upstairs and push me on the bed and force me to ride him then as he flipped me over he got on top and pound me so hard that blood dripped down my leg. He then got me up against the wall and put his penis in front of my face trying to force me to suck it. But I refused so he started torturing me. The nightmare never ended. I dealt with this man treating me like his personal sex slave for 30 days. What’s so sad my family wasn’t even trying to search for me at all, They didn’t even try to see why they haven’t heard from me. I remember one day. I hurry up and sneaked on IMVU and reach out to my IMVU family since it felt like my real family didn’t care to see that I’m missing. So I pulled my IMVU friend to a room and told him I need help call 911. I been held against my will. I poof offline. They was worried sick. I heard they thought I was dead. And so many of my IMVU fam and friends was in tears. I heard my phone ring back to back, But my attacker had my phone. To shorten this long story. The police in my city sucks, My real life cousin did call the police to check my home. But since my attacker was apart of the army. All he had to do is show his army badge. I saw it through the window. The police didn’t even ask to search the house. When he did get caught in was way later when the 2nd police came out 3 weeks later. They actually search the house and saw me. Of course I spoke up for myself and he got arrested. I’m thinking I’m finally free from this dude since I had a restraining order. But nope. One day I took a nap when I sent my kids to school, To add the police had to escort my son and daughter to school since dude was out on bond. But while I was sleeping. I woke up with a sheet over my head and a knife to my neck. To be honest I think he was wired up on steroids, He was very muscular, Very hard for the average woman to handle. The Holy Spirit was there, The Spirit talk to me the whole time so I didn’t overly panic. I decided to fight back so I was able to get the sheet off me. We struggled fighting and I end up falling down the steps with him. Pushing this story forward. When he turn his head after a hour of fighting and him trying to torture me. I slipped out the back door for safety to a neighbor house and they called the police. And the ambulance came and got me. The hospital moment was embarrassing. I had to go into a forensic room. They had me on a stainless steel table naked looking all in between my legs and anus and breast as well. Spreading my vagina walls and taking pics and my anus as well. They told me he tore me in my vaginal area. Far as home. The detectives told me that me and my son and daughter can’t go back home. Their crazy protective custody was sticking us in a women’s battered shelter. I lost everything! My home, Car, Furniture. Sigh.  It took me 3 months to get back on my feet. I was determined to get out the shelter. So I found me a home. Anyways, After getting a computer back is when I got back on social media. The first person I told on IMVU that I was ok was my very first IMVU husband. He actually talk to the attacker on the phone. His info is how they was able to locate the attacker. A years later we went on with our lives. But I was grateful to him and my IMVU Family for calling 911.


4 months went by. IMVU life went back to normal til I met my 2nd (legal) IMVU husband, Which mean when IMVU came out with the marriage badge. Things was well with us at first but I knew it really wasn’t real love. I was still in pain mentally. It end up being a toxic relationship. So many lies from him and deceit. He put other IMVU women before our IMVU Marriage. He basically just manipulated me. Bam! I begin to have low self esteem to the point I almost try to commit suicide. My rl dad had to rush me to the hospital, I slit my wrist. I mentally couldn’t take no more heartbreak after my attack. After 3 yrs of that toxic IMVU relationship. I dumped him. I couldn’t deal with him any longer. That’s when I discovered it was a useless fairytale. Year later I came across my 3rd Ex husband. This time it felt real. I actually felt loved by him, He gave me tons of love, attention, and affection. In our honeymoon phase. He always text me saying he loved me, He would call me to say good morning, During his lunch brake, and also to say good night, Then we would hop online to fall asleep in each others arms. He knew about my attack. So him being such a sweetheart he slept with me on skype and watch me drift off to sleep. I felt safe and protected. We even talked several times about hooking up in real. But yrs later. Some IMVU female didn’t care that his profile says that he’s a married man. She hooked up with him anyways. I was so shocked that he divorce me on IMVU for her, I cried off and on for a month. All of that and they only lasted for 2 months. He went from getting engaged to her to blocking her. I guess Karma is no joke, It took Karma no time to nip that in the bud.

This article is to be continued for Part 2 of SOCIAL MEDIA SLAVERY




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    This was amazingly honest and written very well. Wow . Standing ovations.

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