A Quiet Place $50M Opening Weekend…Silence is Golden!

A Quite Place came in number one its opening weekend grossing $50 million. The films impressive outcome for a low-budget original horror concept of the type of film generally shunted off to a studio subsidiary. A Quiet Place has turned out to not only be what John Krasinski’s career needed to get out of his post Office slump, but also what the American movie going public needed to get off the couch and into the theater during an unseasonably cold spring weekend.






Being a horror movie fanatic myself this film definitely seems creepy!

Any noise, any sound and they are coming to kill you!

Definitely a must see!





Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One in its second weekend out  is nearing the $400 Million mark Worldwide!

Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.’s  video game based film is now the second biggest Hollywood release of the year, following Disney’s/Marvels Black Panther at least in terms of global box office. The Steven Spielberg action fantasy continues to crush it overseas, especially in China where it has earned $163 Million thus far from a $14M opening day and $62M this weekend.



Weekend Box Office Results April 6 – 8, 2018


A Quiet Place                                $50,000,000

Ready Player One                        $25,060,000

Blockers                                           $21,439,000

Black Panther                                 $8,430,000

I Can Only Imagine                      $8,356,800

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony              $8,065,00

Chappaquiddick                           $6,200,000

Sherlock Gnomes                         $5,600,000



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