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Outgoing- What made you come up with the name stessy?

Stessy- So I had a friend named Stassy there been years old so I said I'd call myself Stessy ahahah.

Outgoing- What made you come to imvu and second life?

Stessy- Again a friend but now its a irl friend on the school she tell me 'oh Indra come on IMVU its so cool ' and to second life is my ex bf irl/imvu.

Outgoing- What are your future plans for imvu shop,like creating?

Stessy- Oh I would like make a lot of FUR omg I'm so crazy I love that fur lingerie jeans but more fur I think I try to make a new products on imvu I try to be more creative.

Outgoing- How many collabs have you done with other creators? Oh wow ! wait I think only 2. Cause I collab only with my real friend. Well IZIS and YALLA only. Yalla is wifey.

Outgoing- Do you plan on bringing more sl clothing to imvu?

Stessy- YES!!! I have find a girl to convert my mesh on imvu well now.

Outgoing- Any Future goals for imvu and second life?

Stessy- MORE MONEY HONEY!! PUT YOUR HANDS UPPP AYE AYEEEE. ahahahahahah that my goals pay a home irl make a real business etc. 

Outgoing- How Many sales do you get in day both imvu and second life?

Stessy- Maybe imvu + sl 1000 pr days around.

Outgoing- What is your style besides fur?

Stessy- I don't have a style for real, maybe a lot style on one I love glamour I love sport wear I love all for real but to my fur its to be glam for sure ! we are so glam so pretty.
9. Who inspires you to create the clothing's you make? : Its not a person for real its a social media cause me its Instagram on Instagram I see all star and anonym people ( Kardashian Lil Kim, Cardi, etc. and too a 'normal' people sometime I see on my flux a girl with a real style ).

Outoing- Who is your support system and always has your back (when things get hard creating) when creating can be challenging?

Stessy- For real nothing ahah cause when I don't want create I don't create I explain why for me IMVU was a funny game to speak with my friend and to spend my time I have creating sometime , I don't want, when i earn my money on that its a obligation , i prefer be stay happy to creating and sometime say bye I come back in 2 month.

Outgoing- Thank You for allowing iBangerz Magazine to interview you. 

Stessy- yw


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