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Akleema: I do want to say thank you for taking the time out to complete this interview with me today for ibangerz!

Scorphion: your welcome miss akleema

Scorphion: it is a honor to be here with you

Akleema: If you dont mind would you go ahead and introduce yourself to the readers who are you and who do you do here?

Scorphion: I'm Jaylen aka Scorphion

Scorphion: I'm a creator

Scorphion: I create Mesh Heads for now but will start creating clothing and shoes very soon

Scorphion: I'm a chill laid back nice guy! 😀

Scorphion: Get at me!

Akleema: and mr.jaylen "hope you dont mind me calling you that" how long have you been creating on imvu?

Scorphion: I have been creating for about a year now

Akleema: and what is your passion for creating what makes you do this for the ppl of imvu daily?

Scorphion: I love creating because it keeps me busy and my aim is to be different and unique by showcasing my products

Akleema: that sounds good i peeped your shop and there are some amazing products there i must say

Scorphion: aww thanks hun

Akleema: No problem

Akleema: what do you think sets you apart from other mesh head creators?

Scorphion: hmmmm

Scorphion: I do quality customs, I do not re-create another mesh head that’s already been in Shop, im very humble and not stuck up

Akleema: so being that you only do mesh head at the moment do you think its going to be a issue when it comes to making clothes?

Scorphion: No, once I get used to the procedure, I'm good to go

Akleema: will you think that this will be a challenge?

Scorphion: No it wont

Akleema: confident i see mr. Jaylen

Akleema: What are the price range for a custom heads?

Scorphion: A custom price is 10K

Scorphion: My shop heads range from 1,500 - 2,000

Akleema: Do you have anything spectacular for the imvu community coming soon?

Scorphion: Yeahhhhhhh!

Scorphion: Scorphion clothing lineeee!!!!

Scorphion: and Shoessssss

Scorphion: Its gonna be fyeeeeeeeeeee!

Scorphion: 😀

Akleema: what was your push to start making mesh heads?

Scorphion: I didnt like looking like other people lol believe it or not

Scorphion: z

Scorphion: and I'm very picky

Scorphion: If one little thing is missing on a head, I wont wear it. So I started to create them myself to meet my full requirements, and also sell them of course. I would only wear mesh heads when I wasnt creating, so I was like hmmm... I gotta learn how to make them someday, and create my own mesh heads

Scorphion: 😀

Akleema: I also see that you only create male mesh heads and there are approximately 3 mesh heads in shop for females, will you be making female mesh heads anytime soon?

Scorphion: Yes, will make more female heads soon. I stopped for awhile because I don't really like how the female heads come out looking like. So I wanna practice them again and make them come out looking more better

Akleema: kk and to end this interview mr.jaylen is there anything you would like to say to the imvu community?



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Scorphion: @SCORPHION.VU

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