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Outgoing - How did you become a creator?


Musiq - When i first came to IMVU I was passionate about creating rooms. All of my family and friends would tell me I would be a great creator. So I got ambitious one day and tried it. I closed my lap top within 2 minutes thinking it was impossible. Several weeks later i played around with it some more and realized it wasn't so difficult. First thing i ever made was a picture frame.


Outgoing - What made you start playing IMVU?


Musiq - A Co worker of mine discovered it and we would use it to communicate since we worked on opposite sides of the office.


Outgoing - How did you meet your wife, also how did you know she was the right one?

Musiq - I was scrolling through "Find People" and saw her profile. When i clicked on her profile i saw she was sitting alone so i messaged her and joined her room and never left. We went through a brief separation but found our way back. I know she is the one because she is my other half. She is my biggest cheerleader and best friend. Even on our bad days the public don't know because we value our privacy. She puts up with my crazy work schedule and all of my business ventures and she does it with a smile. Definitely my soulmate. Did i mention she is sexy s well?



Outgoing - Any future goals with your graphics designs and shop?


Musiq - Definitely thinking of some themes for Musiq Fashion Show. All i can say for now is it will coincide with Storks babies. Babe and I are also opening a clinic that will open November of 2019


Outgoing - How many kids do you both have?


Musiq - We have 2 girls and pregnant, so it's a mystery.


Outgoing - What makes IMVU so special to you?


Musiq - IMVU is special to me because of the people. I have met some people here that are life long friends from all over the world. Can't say i would have been able to do that without IMVU.


Outgoing - Any new ideas for the IMVU Community and how it could change?


Musiq - I just think we need to get back to being on IMVU and less on Instagram. Put the fun back into the game. More events and more of us supporting each other.

Outgoing - I agree...I will like to thank you Musiq for allowing iBangerz Magazine to feature you. We support you and all you do. Your work speak for itself and you are doing an amazing job.

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