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Mr. Maven came into the office owning the room with his strong presence. you can tell he is a confident man that knows and love what he does, just from his work alone. I started the interview off by asking Mr. Maven What are to things that his customers may not know about him and he started, That he went to school for Architecture and that the recycles...Read more and let see what's in the head of this amazing creative being πŸ™‚


KaliiNoire: That's amazing, two good things to know about you. Wow Architecture, I see why your homes are beautifully made.Β 

Cain Maven: RL architecture doesn't translate to SL, though -- for several reasons. which is why it doesn't work to copy RL floor plans directly.

KaliiNoire: I see

Cain Maven: it has to do with how we perceive space in SL, as well as the fact that we see the world through a camera hovering above our shoulder instead of through our eyes so tight spaces are much less usable in SL, most builders in SL learn that the hard way, I suspect. I know I did πŸ™‚

KaliiNoire: What motivates you to continue to make these luxury styled homes?

Cain Maven: well, the boy needs to pay the bills. but there's of course also the satisfaction of creating something that others appreciate and find to be of value to them -- even if only virtually.
there are technical challenges related to the tools and the significant challenge of marketing anything in SL.
so there are a lot of different types of challenges, and tackling them is interesting and mostly fun. mostly.

KaliiNoire: Yes you most definitely have to get your bag (Money) bills do have to be paid, and it always feels good to see others appreciating your craft, which will keep you motivated in itself.
How long have you been making the homes?

Cain Maven: absolutely -- I always do appreciate it when a customer takes the time to say something nice about my work. I started more or less right away... I think I had the first real house out in February of 2010, though
actually, it was late 2009. again, time flies πŸ™‚

KaliiNoire: lol indeed,Β What are some of the challenges when it comes to marketing, and how to do tackle them while keeping it fun...

Cain Maven: marketing is not what I would call "fun".... but you have to do it if you want to build a brand and revenue. it's hard because you can't just buy a tv ad in SL. or a newspaper or magazine ad. the classic channels we know from RL are either not here or very scattered.

Cain Maven: I know many rely on bloggers, but that doesn't work for houses -- there are very, very few bloggers who write well about architecture.

Cain Maven: then there are, of course, the ubiquitous events... but again, they work better for other product types, such as fashion and furniture. So, in the end, there are too few channels and opportunities for reaching your customers. On the upside, word of mouth is very effective. and once someone rezzes one of my houses, that's a full-size, three-dimensional ad.

KaliiNoire: I agree, lol! I think your work sells itself, who can't help but purchase one of the ur homes. iBangerz Magazine is here to get the word out for sure and will do our part. Have you come across any bloggers that spark your interest?

Cain Maven: It's dangerous to name one and not others πŸ™‚ but I think Ricco Saenz has an unusually good understanding of architecture.

Cain Maven:

KaliiNoire: Ok I will check him out.

Cain Maven: he is also a nice guy

KaliiNoire: I will like to thank you so so much for your time and for allowing iBangerz Magazine to interview you.

Cain Maven: my pleasure!

KaliiNoire: Do you have anything you will like to say to your customers/viewers?

Cain Maven: I hope it was useable -- at least in parts πŸ™‚

KaliiNoire: you did an amazing job

Cain Maven: only that they should join my group, always free to pitch me ideas for new builds, and remember to buy two of each.

KaliiNoire: lol, of course
buy two of each people!

Cain Maven: πŸ™‚

KaliiNoire: Thanks so much and you have an amazing day.

Cain Maven: thanks, you too! I appreciate the opportunity πŸ™‚

KaliiNoire: np at all, I'm excited also I hope to work with u more in the future.

Cain Maven: let's see what opportunities arise

Cain Maven: have fun and take care πŸ™‚

KaliiNoire: of course πŸ™‚ take care!

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