Serena Gomez instagram was hacked!


Selena Gomez hacked!

Selena Gomez got hacked on instagram last night and it was hilarious. Justin beiber got exposed and I must say I am tired of selena and Justin. “Jelena” will never happen again and the person who did this I am very much tired of you hackers. How did they get that picture?

selena was temporarily disabled and ariana Grande has been the most followed person on instagram for about a minute. Now the reigning queen is back.

I think the person who got the picture is maybe a paparazzi because the picture looks like it was taken from far away. Celebrities live a tough life with paparazzi and crazy fans. The only difference between celebrities and us is that they have money and fame. They’re normal people with jobs.

I really wish the hacking would stop even if it’s a celebrity that I don’t like.

“Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.”

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