R.Kelly Admits It All In Song!

R. Kelly has decided to let the world know his views and his faults in a song that is.....19 MINUTES LONG!  And this song is packed with alot of juicy things he admits to doing and admits to having done TO him.


Some of the juicy tea he spilled in his song:

I admit I love God but wait
It's so much temptation but, wait
And mental, the drinking and smoking too much
But it helped me get through the day (oh, day)
Won't say no names, I'm not a snitch
But one night at the Ritz (at the Ritz)
I did some shit I shouldn't have did (shouldn't have did)

Went and fucked my nigga's bitch
I admit, I admit that I did (I did it)
I fucked my girlfriend's best friend (oh)
Yeah I tapped that in back of my Benz (my Benz)
I admit I'm sorry for my sins (my sins)


Read the full lyrics and listen to the song below.  What do you think of his song?


I Admit Lyrics- https://genius.com/R-kelly-i-admit-lyrics

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