Queen Gucci of Lit Lyfe Sisterhood

Interview with Queen Gucci of Lit Lyfe Sisterhood
EruzNXSSo first I would just like to say thank you on behalf of iBangerz for agreeing to do this interview, we really appreciate it.
QUEENGUCClThank you for having me. It is a pleasure 
EruzNXSYou’re very welcome 
EruzNXSSo Diamond, in the name itself, it states that you’re a sisterhood. What made you want to start up this organization and what does sisterhood mean to you?
QUEENGUCClWell I was inspired by my husband whose idea it was initially to start a fraternity. We both agreed it would be a great idea if I started a sisterhood to match. My goal was to create a sisterhood that didnt have the stigma of the greek conflict and ego of “whose better than who”. I wanted it to be about REAL empowerment, acceptance, togetherness, love and support. All the while encouraging each other to be humble and push to be the best women morally, and ethically that we can be.
QUEENGUCClAnd I believe that sisterhood should embody some of those very important factors. Family orientation, support, respect for oneself and each other. and many other things.
EruzNXSJust hearing that answer alone I’m wondering if you have a spot for me! lol. Very intriguing!
EruzNXSKudos to you both for bringing positivity to the IMVU community, it’s definitely not enough around
QUEENGUCCllol aw thank you so much lol. Id LOVE to have you 
EruzNXSLol, you’re absolutely welcome doll (makes an appt for that after the interview) lol
EruzNXSSpeaking of the IMVU Community, what does LLS do for it?
QUEENGUCClI think I can safely and respectfully speak for the whole of LIT LYFE when I say that, for right now at least, as we are a few months fresh on the scene, our good works are focused more internally than externally. And instead of charitable deeds in monetary or material matter, we provide a place of acceptance for those whom struggle with building true friendships or family bonds making people feel welcomed, loved, accepted regardless of difference and uniqueness. Which is a important to the preservation of goodness in mankind as a whole. We use our own personal skills and resources within to support one anothers business ventures, dreams and aspirations… and many other positive things. I’d be talking for a longggg time if i continued to elaborate. lls.
EruzNXSWell that is definitely a huge help just working on that as it is very hard to find those true relationships here. I commend you all for not just throwing parties every week or having event causes to try and stay relevant lol
QUEENGUCCllol Yes relevency isnt really a concern but I think the fact that we are just a group of fun loving people whom believe strongly in what we represent, keeps us in the view of many lls.
EruzNXSYes indeed, I was just about to say , that is probably why people are interested lol
EruzNXSHow do you apply to be in this awesome sisterhood and how many members do you currently have?
QUEENGUCClGREAT QUESTION lol. Well right now we have 3 very active chapters. Our sisterhood alone has 18 members. Only one chapter is accepting applications and line space is limited as we want to ensure we choose women who we think will uphold to our moral standings and keep being a sister of LIT LYFE a fun experience. By that I mean, we very stronly believe in a drama-free sisterhood so we take measures to make sure whomever we choose to pledge will not infiltrate with intolerable nonsense. BUT! right now our Majestic Queens chapter is accepting applications. The application link is provided in the bio section of their instagram page. @LIT.LYFE.MAJESTIC.QUEENS
EruzNXSWonderful! That about wraps it up! Well Ms. Diamond, Thank you very much for sitting with me today! Honored to have had you interview with us.
QUEENGUCClNo thank you so much for your time and to iBangerz Magazine for the opportunity It is an honor to work with such an accredited and esteemed Magazine.



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