Queen B and King HOV

Now we all know im a huge Beyonce fan, i have everything beyonce, her clothes, her music, sheets, everything “sigh” thats sad i know, but Bey my girl im her cousin removed 30 times and more but we not going to talk about that!! lol

but lets get into these pictures that she recently just posteddddd….Lawd have mercyyy BEY! the body of a goddess yess but King HOV….KING HOV…i dont even know what to say!

Photos where the seemingly nekkid in love birds shared pearl clutch-worthy photos in a rare step outside the box that sparked hilarious chaos. Now im not hatinggggg but JAYYYYY!!! JJJAAAYYYY.

Of course black twitter had a field day with this!!

Once Again the internet is undefeated at this!….I could not stop laughing but then again!

Jay makes more money that i do in 10 years! so let me go ahead and sip this tea and wait on this text back that i have been waiting on for 5 years now!

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