Power in my hands (Aunt Sarah)

You see these here hands? Yes sir, these my magic hands. Strong enough to protect my babies and soft enough to rock them to sleep.

Yes sir, there’s power in these ol’ hands. I can make a new dress out of old rags and food to feed even dem otha folk. And one day these hands are gonna be in days own kitchen. With a line from here to the Mississippi River, waiting to get a taste of Aunt Sarah’s cooking yes sir, can you smell it?

Now, I can’t do none of that reading, writing, and all that smart stuff, no sir, but I got dese here chillren and one day days gonna be smart enough to do it for me.

So until then, imam keep these hands as strong as my back. You see the man tries to beak me but no sir, I’m too strong for that mess. You see, he can beat me down all he wants cause forever I stand. Yes sir.

From my chillren to my strength, we gonna be alright.

So don’t you go pitty me none, so sir, cause you see these here hands? There’s power in these hands.




I'm not asking for forever...

I'm not trying to see you glow or hold hands with you while kicking sand that was once used to build castled memories.

I'm not thinking about kneeling down on one knee placing my commitment to you on your left hand.

I don't want to rush things and end up like the rest of the world.


wondering why the thing you didn't even know how to control didn't work.

I'm not trying to sweep you off of your feet in hopes that you will look no further than me.

I'm not asking for forever...


i am asking for today....

let me explore your mind before entering your body.

allow me to find ways to excite you without using my hands.

let me see that smile that can send any man into a trance of lust.

let me know you.

and only then, with your permission,

let me touch you.

allow my hands to explore your body touching the spots where most men leave behind.

allow me to press my body against you, breathing secret messages against your shoulder.

slowly stroking your back as if i was trying to find the hidden door.

let me show you that on top of the woman you are..

baby  there's more....

let me write my biography inside you as you grant me access to your nector.

close your eyes and listen to the stories that each one of my kisses have.

let me remind you that your beautiful ebony skin is as sweet as chocolate

and the flavor of your sweat is like heroin to my veins let

me taste you...

allow me to take your mind off the madness of the world the

stress of your life

let me take you for just tonight.... and make you my queen

and if you are pleased with me... allow me to stand beside you as your king.

but until then...

i wont be asking for forever....


I will ask...

for you to be my Valentine.....


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