One to Watch?

I chose these two singles off my soon to be released Album.. At the same time due to how they both related to me at one point.. But out of the two, I prefer Worth it because it mirrors the relationship I’m in right now. I would love to thank Booga for the artwork on the worth it Single & GucciEnt for their continuous Love & Support in all that I do.

Tinashe is one to watch. Although we havent seen too much from Gucci Ent in over the last month or so, it is safe to assume that they definitely have something in the works. Until then Tinashe is making it known that she is off the market and loving it.

This artist is continues to surprise us. You can book her on ig. She will not disappoint you. Tinashe is always catering to whomever hires her, and she stays humble to her core.

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