Painting the Perfect Picture

Social media is a big part of our life and while you can't avoid it I often wonder when it became such a big determining factor on how people feel about themselves.  I'm sure we've all seen it or been apart of it where people judge based off what is being posted as though it magically didn't happen if you didn't post it to your profile.  I think in strides it's a good thing for businesses, bloggers, photographers or as a hobby but when it becomes a thing where you HAVE to post then it's a problem.


I know this girl, we'll call her Cheryl.  Cheryl is a very pretty and talented woman who does hair, does makeup and does special effects makeup.  With all of this on her plate, she still posts on instagram faithfully.  Posting isn't the issue I have, it's the intent of her posting which is to keep up with her friends/followers.  Even her best friend, she constantly compares her likes/comments/followers/views to hers and her pictures.  Now I would call this a self esteem issue but that's another subject.  Cheryl even goes to the extent of going on trips when she doesn't have the money just to POST! Why Cheryl???  She constantly goes in debt to keep up the persona that she built on her profile, she doesn't have anywhere to stay, she goes from place to place...and her car is old and in terrible condition but she still pours all her money into luxury trips.  This seems like a no brainer....stop posting...take care of business...this is easy to say from the outside looking in and there are so many people that are "Cherly" trying to paint this perfect picture online, maybe it can even be you.


This constant documentations brings on feelings of acceptance/rejection based on the number of likes, comments, affirmations you get but why?  When did this become a reflection of our TRUE selves? On your social media you might know these people or met them in a passing chance meeting but how often do you see these people?  Do they pay your internet bill? Rent? Mortgage? Car payment? If so then MAYBE their opinions should matter but otherwise the only person's opinion who should matter is YOURS first and then those who immediately impact your life.  Social media is a choice and social judgement is as well.  Post, have fun, showcase what you want but take every comment, every like, every follow and troll with a grain of salt.  Because at the end of the day these people don't have any power over you.......unless you give it to them....but this could just be #badadvice.


What do you guys think?

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