Pacific Rim Uprising $150M Globally

Pacific Rim Uprising would be the movie to come in number one at the box office this weekend grossing a total of $150 Million Worldwide. Seems the sequel was highly anticipated from its original film Pacific Rim in 2013,  almost grossing half of the original films Worldwide total of $400 Million on it’s opening weekend alone.



On it’s sixth weekend at the Box Office, Black Panther gets knocked down to the second slot Domestically but that doesn’t mean much. King of Wakanda is on its way to becoming the top Solo Superhero Movie of all time, breaking its $1.2 Billion mark. Black Panther is inching it’s way to pass the Avengers worldwide total of $1.52 Billion with the help of China’s release.



Weekend Box Office Results March 23-25, 2018


Pacific Rim Uprising                   $28,116,535

Black Panther                               $17,099,618

I Can Only Imagine                     $13,604,774

Sherlock Gnomes                        $10,604,774

Tomb Raider                                  $10,102,616

A Wrinkle in Time                       $8,215,492

Love, Simon                                    $7,607,451

Paul, Apostle of Christ             $5,172,585


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