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Club Opulence celebrated its 1st annual Player’s Ball last night. Players and beautiful women showed up in full force to show out for this fantastic event. From the gracious hostess to the amazing bottle girls last night was truly a wonderful event. While the drinks flowed and the dancefloor was packed full of partiers dressed to the nines in attire from the night’s theme I got a chance to sit back in VIP with owner and businesswomen DangerousElegance for a quick interview.


What brought on the idea of opening a club?

Well I've always wanted to open a club under my brand Socialite Incorporated. Constantly seeing people say that they needed something to do or that they're getting bored with IMVU kinda pushed me in that directions. I've thrown several parties prior to opening the venue and I've always had a good outcome so I decided to turn that into another hustle.


What has been the most satisfying moment since the opening Club Opulence? 

The most satisfying moment that I've had since the opening of my Club is overall the satisfaction after the event is over. The messages, the gratitude, all of the tagged pictures, IG stories knowing that everyone came out and had a good time.


It is often harder for women to get support and recognition when it comes to being owners and bosses how do you feel about that? 

Yes, I believe that it is hard for other women to support and recognize other women on their grind.  Especially when it's the same type of business. That competitiveness comes out to see who’s the "best." For me, I'm all about support, I look at different ways that my company could help another or advice that I can give to another woman that can help her be successful. Very seldom that you see that type of camaraderie.


Behind every successful business is a great team, do you think this is true and why?

Yes, because if your employees aren't passionate about your company and they're providing horrible service, that is a reflection upon you and your business. To run a successful business, your crew has to be as passionate as you. 


Who is your role model and why?

To be honest, I don't really have a "role model" but there are a lot of people that I respect in the game.


Where do you see this club being in one year?

In one year, it'll definitely be bigger and better, staff will be larger, service will be top of the line. Each time I had hold an event there are little things that I adjust for my club to fine tweak and make the experience better. Hopefully maybe another venue, who knows what I might have up my sleeve 🙂


I had such a great time last night at Club Opulence. The bottle girls and hostesses were amazing and the atmosphere was lit. Make it your number one place for events because you will not be disappointed.

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