No Stopping the King it’s 5th weekend at the top!


Black Panther is still holding on to the number one slot on it’s 5th weekend grossing a total of $1,190,515,681 Worldwide.

King of Wakanda is keeping newly released films in the dark.

Shadowing the release of Warner Bros/MGM’s Tomb Raider which still came in at $129 Million Worldwide including being released in China. The film surpassed what was to be expected to gross on its weekend release Domestically.


Weekend Box Office Results March 16-18, 2018


Black Panther                            $26,650,690 

Tomb Raider                              $23,633,317

I Can Only Imagine                 $17,099,151

A Wrinkle in Time                   $16,256,879

Love, Simon                                $11,756,244

Game Night                                $5,602,230

Peter Rabbit                               $5,201,647

Strangers Prey at Night       $4,701,089





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