Nicki Minaj Finally Spotted Out & About!

I wonder if #Safaree has been getting too much clout lately that #Nicki said BOOM! Not on my watch & popped back on the scene ??

All jokes aside, #NickiMinaj has finally been spotted y’all!!! Sis has literally been MIA since the end of December, and she even disabled her IG comments.

She was spotted last night at the Chateau Marmont for #JayZ and #Beyonce’s #Oscars after party.

What do y’all think #Nicki’s been up to #iBangerz?! ??

3 comments on “Nicki Minaj Finally Spotted Out & About!”

  1. Harleybaebee

    You already know Cardi stealing all their lights for now…

  2. plummum

    listen you cannot crown yourself queen because your where the only female rap artist at the time you started getting fame and nicki copied errything lil kim did so nicki should not be shaming anybody to me nicki need to give people chances she is always mad because she thinks and knows people are better than her nicki remember your time is soon up memba yuh sell yuh sold to the mf truth

  3. Aasimah Karracci

    Child some people say Nicki been MIA handling up on this new album she working on…But I personally think Cardi b been stealing that spotlight….lmbooo -waits for it- @ Lourdes

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