My ex is dating someone else ,i do not know what to feel,what should i do?

Your ex is dating someone else , and you’re feeling all this rage and just confuse why you guys arent together. That is  the main reason why your feeling like this . Ask your self questions and you have to know the answer to them before you can officially move on from him/her. Trust me break ups are heard mostly if it was your fault but there just somethings you cant control or even make it better. Trust me i was once in a relationship where i was blamed for their mistakes , they cat-fish me and i still took them back. There’s just something in them that makes you not want to let you go. You need to get a pair a scissors  and cut their emotional tides from your heart and or brain . Do not  blame your self for this , even if was your fault. You have to understand people come and go from your life and all you can do is build your self not only psychically but mentally stronger to get through with a happy life. You’re probably asking your self question you do not  know the answer to for example ” why her ” ” why him ” ” why me ” ” cant they just come back ” these are answers you would like to know but cant figure out. All i can say is either get them back or move on and see what their missing! Do not forget you’re a strong and independent person who doesn’t need someone to relies on at hand in foot ! Get out there and show them what they lost !



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