My boyfriend cheated on me , should i stay or leave ?

Your boyfriend cheated on you and you have no clue what to do ? If you been with you’re boyfriend for over a year and barley had any problems , and it was just a simple dumb mistake i would forgive him but do not  show you’ll forgive him just like that . If you forgive him easily he may keep on cheating and hell assume you’ll keep on forgiving which is wrong . You’re a strong individual who can do anything and doesn’t need know man to tell you , you’re an outstanding person with or without anyone. I have had cheaters in my past , and i had forgiven them many times but they kept on doing what they were doing. We will not let people control us and tell us what we can and can not do ! They cheated because they wanted you . All you can do is forgive and forget or move on and build something of yourself because of this mistake . You’ll really get him by getting back at him if you’re doing something with your life , and being the best you can be ! So overall its up to you to decide if you should stay or leave after all . Do you love him enough ?


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