MrRedX (What’s on his agenda)

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI Welcome Welcome Welcome! Alrighty, iBangerz supporters!
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: We are here this evening and Mannnnn do I have a TREAT FOR YOU! We have one of IMVU's Number#1 Innovators, Visionaries, Mentors, A husband, A father, Great friend, Someone who Inspires elevated thinking, and leading in lifestyle, decorated AWARD WINNING for MR. INDUSTRY!
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: iBangerz welcomes MrRedx!


IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I wanted to start this session by saying that this is definitely "CERTIFIED EXCELLENCE"!
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: It really describes your business and your following!
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: So MrRedx in doing some research is it true that your business was established around 2013?

MrRedx: Well first of all Cassel... lol what an intro my goodness. Thank you. I am honored. You made a little nervous there aha, but yes we were in March 2013

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Coming to this platform on IMVU like most businesses how do you fulfill the need for your customer base. Selling the DREAM of being apart of THE WINNERS CIRCLE lifestyle!?

MrRedx: Well, I can definitely say I do my research. I study my clientele over a period of time. I assess the playground, see what the needs are, the supply and demand, gather light data, and then start to innovate.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI It's really good that you study your target audience. A lot of ppl take IMVU as a joke however you can easily use it as a focus group for real-life ventures.

MrRedx nods Absolutely.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Do you feel ppl use IMVU as a test for their creativity here first, before they try it out in real life, and when they are successful do you feel it's more of a clear choice to move forward with it in real life.

MrRedx: Well speaking for myself, I know that I had ideas about branding and was not quite sure how to organize it. I knew that I had some talents in this area, but didn't really understand how to unlock my potential until I got into IMVU where I could experiment with all different kinds of rooms, colors, concepts, people, creating etc. So I definitely used and still to this day use it as a pilot for some things in real life that I do. I think the benefit of this is that I am able to have a framework for real life that sets realistic expectations, but shows me limitless possibilities.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: a great way of putting that.
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I feel the same way
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: a lot of ppl don't live out what they really are on IMVU
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: for some this all fantasy
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Media is so important

MrRedx: We are in the digital age.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: So how often would you tell someone looking to run a successful business on IMVU
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: that they should be online
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Or just a few days a week?

MrRedx: Hm... So I am all about working smarter not harder. I think that depends on what your goals are. For me, when I was building TWC ground up, IMVU consumed me. That will drive you nuts after awhile, by the way, lol so no I don't advise that. It's like real life though when you are on that path and you got that momentum. I tell my team, ride that wave down to the floor till you can't see it anymore. When the hand is hot, I can't stop so now, I work early mornings and do check-ins with my social media team and some other team members. I have the quietest and luxury of remote work in real life and then a few nights a week. after 9. TWC DOES EVERYTHING AFTER 9 lol

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Awesome sounds like everything is wrapped up neatly.
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: With the years that you put into the RELATIONSHIPS in your business and home life. What is helping you sustain your BUSINESS?
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I have had the pleasure of being at several events.
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I can only hope that this article will definitely have an impact on many that come to IMVU for an up close and personal experience with the upper echelon of IMVU.

MrRedx: I think quality, genuineness, and motivation are what sustains it. We never compromise me quantity for quality..never. We are genuine and transparent in our approach to people. Learn their names, their whereabouts, check for them, pull them out, forge those bonds, show love and support, and internally, I am constantly motivating my team to push push push. To be better at all costs.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: that follows up with my next question. Seems like you answered it already. but for the sake of asking we will ask anyway.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I see also that BRANDING & ADVERTISEMENT are apart of your collective and business how are you able to keep your staff motivated?

MrRedx smiles. Well, there are a variety of tactics some pleasant some not lol! Sometimes we do team incentives and giveaways, trips, we co-lead meetings, sometimes I have to get real fatherly and do the talk and sometimes I have to get real pops like and lay down the hammer and other times we just turn up after big celebrations. We are all about affirmations. So when we work hard we play harder and we don't ever pass up opportunities to encourage one another for jobs well done. We also pray for one another and come together like a family in really trying times.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I like the family knit type of work environment.                                                                  IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Seeing that you have worked with most publications do you have a few HONORABLE MENTIONS that were the easiest for you to work with? Shameless plug! lol

MrRedx: of course lol I love the plugs. I mean TWC has pretty much been in every magazine on least the well known and not so well known ones. ibangerz definitely has a special place in my heart because I knew your Editor and Chief when this was a mere thought. I can recall Aasimah and I sitting on a couch talking about the future of ibangerz and her vision and look now. We used each other's platforms for good and from there its been nice to see the bloom. Platinum Advertisement, 21 Aces, VerveX, AviMagazine, Empire Mag, and many others have been apart of our history and even IMVU itself has leaned some dealings behind the scenes whether with my wife, MrsLKRedx, who also is an integral part of the company and myself or the organization as a whole.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: How do you find time for FAMILY VACATIONS or other celebrations for PROMOTIONS and family endeavors especially when it's close to a business deadline for you?

MrRedx: Well it definitely takes a plan for sure because my wife and I's itinerary gets booked quick on IMVU for any and everything. I have a superior exec. asst. by the name of Lelattemeltss. She is currently away from IMVU, but when I tell you this woman knows my in's and outs, she know's what I would do before I do it. She organizes my whole life and cuts things out that she knows I just can't do. 2. My wife sometimes just lays down the law and says WE ARE DOING THIS NO. LOL, know how that goes sometimes and my kids never gotta ask me more than 2x because being a father is first in my life. So I look at my schedule, pick out the pertinent stuff that I really need to support, get counsel, and then let them do the rest and tell me where to be.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I know our READERS are super happy to find out that no matter how successful you are you still make time for what's important in life. What's everything if you have no one to share it with!
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: What do you currently have coming up NEXT for the BUSINESS?

MrRedx: OUR 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!!!! I'm going to stand on your chair like Tom Cruise for a sec LOL Its a 3-day celebration of LIT LIFE VIBES beginning on the July 20th, 2018. 7/20/18 is our Black Tie Affair, Red Carpet event where we had our 1st TWC Grand opening so it's all about where it began. Then 7/21/18 Saturday is our BLACKOUT Affair on our rooftop - Super lit Black Carpet, and then 7/22/18 - Sunday is our invitation-only honors gala where we are recognizing our partners, affiliates, magazines, organizations, and special people that have helped TWC get to where it is today.


MrRedx: We also have our Crown Royal, DreyahCrush getting ready to drop a major even on diabetes


MrRedx: 7/14/18

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I'm sure that it will be a SMASH!

MrRedx: We've been working really hard.
MrRedx: AND Cassel
MrRedx: its FREE to the public
MrRedx: you will have to RSVP

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I see I see and so will our READERS!

MrRedx: BUT ALL TWC events are free to the public until August
MrRedx: as a TY to the community


MrRedx: 🙂

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: okay well we will make sure our READERS don't miss out!

MrRedx: Ty and I hope to see ibangerz hangout as well there

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I love the piece about diabetes our HEALTH IS OUR WEALTH!

MrRedx: yes our Crown Royal is such an activist
MrRedx: they have to do community service events as part of their TWC contract

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: ofc we will be there with flying colors bells and whistles.

MrRedx: so This is her major contribution


MrRedx: we'll be doing diabetes screeners and having speakers to increase our health
MrRedx: so we can increase our wealth 🙂

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: How can our READERS get in contact with you for your services or Join a membership to be apart of your team?

MrRedx: so we have our IMVU account TWCInc. you can inbox anytime for anything

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: and last but not least!

MrRedx: our Instagram account @TWCInc...and our website

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: What message would you like to leave our reader with? Inquiring minds are waiting with baited breath.

MrRedx: Not much Cassel, but look around you...there is a lot to cry about these days..suicide up, police brutality on young Black men continuing to go up, immigrant children and families been destroyed... Make the most of your day... be a light and never stop trying to make this world better. There is still beauty and things to smile about. Hold on that and keep the faith.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Man, I'm so blessed that iBangerz asked me to do this interview with you.

MrRedx: 🙂 Ty I am honored.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Always inspiring always a kind word and knowing of our social issues. Not just online but in the real world as well.
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: MrRedx thank you, sir, so much for your time looking to cross paths in the near future especially for our READERS out there

MrRedx: Indeed.

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Check out the Media and the Magic behind this Mogul

MrRedx: I like that 🙂

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Have a good night sir

MrRedx: Night

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: stands and shakes hands
IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: that was amazing

MrRedx: okay thank you very much for this 🙂

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I hope I do you proud

MrRedx: yes I think your questions were great

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: awe ty so much

MrRedx: one of the best interviews I've had.


MrRedx: this chair got me falling asleep tho

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: well you know greatness sees greatness

MrRedx: the way it's rocking, lol


MrRedx: lol

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: I'll talk to you soon ok
MrRedx: ok u 2 🙂

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Blessing and thanks for your time.

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