Miguel War and Leisure


The Los Angeles Crooner is back with his  upcoming fourth album, War & Leisure is still overwhelmingly upbeat and concerned with the personal and romantic, but it also contains “Now,” a questioning socially conscious ballad in the spirit of Lauryn Hill and Marvin Gaye.
Accompanied by layers of guitar and electronic sounds, Miguel sings: “CEO of the free world now/Build your walls up high and wide … /Should we teach our children hatred?/Chase the innocent and shoot them down? … /Is that the look of freedom, now?/Is that the sound of freedom?”
Due Dec. 1, the 12-track project is set to include “Sky Walker” featuring Travis Scott and “Told You So,” the latest release from the anxiously-awaited effort. The singer has gifted fans with sure hits of new singles such as “Shockandawe” and his Colbert Live performance of “Come Thru and Chill”

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