Feels like it’s been months since I’ve been back to my parents’ house I’m almost upset it’s for business. Actually I’m not it will give me a reason to skip the hotels and restaurant food for some damn home cooking. Singing along with my iPod while I seem to pass an infinite amount of trees. No one will run out of oxygen here…EVER, I let my thoughts wonder as I start to come onto the road to my childhood fortress. My phone begins to ring buzzing the console I press the button on my steering wheel pulling in the driveway. “Shoot” answering, I slide back in to my seat. My assistant rummages through papers, grabbing my phone thinking she may have misdialed.
“Hello Camille” she finally speaks.
“I almost hung up I thought you pocket dialed me”, I reply stretching my arms up letting out a breath.
“No ma’am, I’m just confirming your tickets to the art gallery benefit tonight and letting you know your all set”, a slight pause while she murmurs something. “Also the gallery is very excited to have you there the décor was lovely the director said”, her excitement evident through the speaker. “Thanks so much, I just arrived at my parents I’m going to get settled and changed I’m so excited I’ll see you in the office on Wednesday”.
“Camille I have a few messages for you ill forward them to you tomorrow enjoy your weekend.” Switching to my phone cradling it between my ear and shoulder pulling my keys out of the ignition. “You too hun” hanging up the call gathering my dress bag from the passenger seat. Stuffing my phone in my bag hearing the gravel crunch under as I quickly make my way up to the door. All my childhood memories flooded my mind the moment I swung the front door open. Going up to my room the faint sounds of Ana’s giggles, aromas of great food kept transporting to another time and place. Arranging the garment bag on the bed zipping it down starting to get ready. Luckily I let Margo tame my thick mane before I left into a beautiful crown full of curls some slightly escaping laying along the nape of my neck and framing my face. Slipping out of the clothes glancing at the wall clock grateful for the driver who was coming because I would be late with no limit in the time I had to get ready. “Neña we are home”, my mom called up to my bedroom. “Ma I’m getting ready I’ll be down in a sec”, laughing it felt like a school day which even in my younger days I was never punctual for either. Stepping into the dress tugging it up positioning the straps on the sides of my shoulders standing in front of the mirror. The stunning white cocktail dress embellished with gold embroidery along the hem, and distinctive gold and crystal gems gathered around the bust line bringing out my auburn tresses. Pleased I study my reflection this is going to be a great night, the thought sinking in snatching my white pumps with the gold heel setting them on my feet. Taking hold of my clutch off the bed I head down the stairs.
“Dad can you help me with my jewelry” I asked my voice seemingly gentler around him.
“Of course neña” looking over the length of my dress as he took the pieces of jewelry from my hands. I felt like a little girl again my dad callused working man hands tingled my soft skin. The car horn honked “NENA!!!!” my mother shouted from the porch. “There you go”, my dad beaming proudly. “Thank you dad”, kissing his cheeks walking to the car. “See you tonight neña” I barely heard her through her grinning. I blow her kisses “I’ll be home soon mama”, feeling the color of my cheeks change as I blush. A nice peaceful drive later stepping out the car “I will be here when you’re ready Ms. Peña”. “Thank you” I flashed him a smile vanishing through the doors of the building.
The gallery seemed busier than I imagined it would be, an amazing amount of big shots will draw more clientele I loved it. Procuring a flute of champagne from a waitress hastening around the room. Savoring the sip enjoying the masterpieces as I sauntered around.
“Ms. Peña” I turned my head in the way of the high pitched chipper voice, it was the director Susan.
“Hi Susan” I dialed up the charm. “I have a few people dying to meet you”.
“Well let’s not keep them waiting” I observed her escorting me to a more private room. “Wow” was all I could managed thinking aloud as I went into this lavish room graced by beautiful artwork. “Everyone this is Ms. Pena the designer of this marvelous décor, she worked painstaking hours not to mention dealing with me” she laughed loudly. “It was an absolute joy”, giggling and nudging her playfully. “She was a doll to work with I hope you ladies and gentlemen enjoy”.
Laughter filled the room as made my way around to mingle. Suddenly this masculine hand grazed my side making me nearly jump out of my skin looking over my shoulder to the warm smiling of Eli. Towering over me his athletic lengthy slender physique, picturing his tantalizing mahogany skin, delectable muscular chest through his black linen shirt. “I thought you were going to pretend we didn’t know each other”, relishing the smooth enchanting voice coming from his full kissable lips. Placing my hand over my mouth to control my laughter finally composing myself to respond between chuckles, “I’m not very good at pretending Mr. Elijah”.
Shifting my hand from my mouth staring at me he smirks a little “there we go I like that smile”. The color returning to my cheeks flooding them, making him smile more. “So how are you enjoying the gallery”, he inquired.
“It’s very nice to be surrounded by all these wonderful paintings”. Reposing his arm on the small of my back while we chatted catching up, losing track of the time. I quickly forgot how good it felt to connect intellectually. Politely interrupting our conversation, “Mr. Thompson I’m going to head home unless you need me to lock up?” Susan asked making to look around.
“I will close up thank you Susan you have a great night.” His voice trailing off as he walked to the door to see her out. Pulling my phone out my clutch looking at the time walking in their direction. “Thanks for a wonder…..” he leaned down kissing me slowly his fingers kneading the small of my back.
“I wanted to do that since I saw you”, his voice was low and gentle almost hypnotic.
All I could do was nod in response my body now tingling while his hands ran up and down my back lightly. My figure starting to yield to his touches stepping backwards pinning me up against the wall. “Just let me make you cum”, whispering against my lips manipulating the zipper on my dress ever gradually removing the straps licking his lips as my dress hit the ground. Moans barely escaping my parted lips, covering my lips with his kissing me enthusiastically sucking my bottom lip. Pressing my palms on his waist slipping my hands under his shirt pulling it off, nibbling on his chest his groans rousing me more. Loosening his pants dropping them near my own mangled garments. Massaging his erection, biting his neck softly, flicking my tongue along his neck tasting his flesh. Returning his thrilling kisses parting his lips with my tongue exploring every crevice of his mouth. Savoring his taste slowly pulling off his lips.
“Damn”, he muttered under his breath, lifting me up wrapping my thighs around his waist.
Pushing deep into my folds pressing on my g-spot, digging my fingertips deep in his side with each thrust. Fondling my soft breast overflowing between his fingers pinching my firm perky nipples now resembling sweet Hershey kisses, trailing his wide tongue down my silky skin suckling them making me melt tossing my head back. Eli’s rough masculine hands cupping my ass, grasping it hard thrusting deeper encasing his shaft in my wetness squeezing and tightening my muscles. Using the wall to support my back kneading my thighs spreading my legs wider embedding his manhood further within my oasis glazing his shaft with my juices.
“Oh shit” whimpering in ecstasy, his name rolling off my tongue echoing in the long hallway
“Please Eli please”, pleading not wanting him to stop. Lowering me down yanking me off the wall onto the floor kneeling down, leaning my bottom against his knees forcing me backwards. Eli’s coarse jagged hands grasping my hips powerfully jerking me on his manhood stroking my walls, climbing them skillfully. Suppressing vulgarities between my tightly sealed lips. Arching my back to feel every inch of him ramming deeper, my wetness alluring him in with ease. Sizzling, sticky flesh seizing me in his grasp fingering my clitoris with his vacant fingers sending me in to a state of erotic urgency. My legs growing frailer with each wave of orgasm forming a puddle on his thighs, trembling uncontrollably with each swift uninhabited plunge. Eli’s erection begging for release gyrating, my walls pulsing around his manhood bringing me in enfolding me grating slowly expelling his warm seed coating my inner walls. Resting my head on his shoulder smooching his chin. Separating our bodies, continuing to let our hands wander as we help each other get dressed.
“You in town for a while?” tangling his fingers in mines walking to the door.
“A couple days”, pausing catching my breath, “why?”
“How about you send your car along and come with me”, his voice so warm and gracious bringing my fingertips to his lips kissing them. Giving in I reach for my phone instructing the driver to head home. Finally calling the house leaving a message for my parents so they don’t worry. Intertwining my fingers in his riding with him into the starry night sky.

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