Mamia Orio (The Vixen)

Hello Hellooo iBangerz Family!
We have another exclusive interview with not only a iFUEGO BADDIE but the Owner!


Iyonah: So, can you tell me a little about yourself.

MamiaOrio: I'm identified as a virtual model. I do magazine features, music videos, and photoshoots. I do some exotic dancing every now and then. I don't have a specific location that I dance at. I'm pretty much on call all over the grid lol. I also run an eye candy magazine by the name of iFUEGO Magazine where we feature other sexy avatar ladies. I have a website where I show my work and also sell posters and soon i'll be selling merchandise. I'm fun, outgoing, big on roleplay and pretty much free-spirited.

Iyonah: Yes ma'am busy body, there is nothing wrong with a motivated woman lol. This leads me to my next question.. What is the everyday motivation that keeps you going?

MamiaOrio: The thing that keeps me going is my supporters! I love the messages  I get and the support I receive for my work. I try to stay as original as possible and stick it out no matter how things are going. Sometimes I have slow days, but regardless I keep going and I always see results at the end of it all.

Iyonah: Yessss ma'am the support system is everything and knowing that people is loving what you desire most and bring to the table. So tell me, do you believe in the quote, "Too Glam To Give A Damn"?

MamiaOrio: Yes I do! Lol, I feel like I'm too fabulous to care about what anybody has to say. I'm going to continue to do me whether you like it or not. This is my SLife! Lol

Iyonah: Preach on that!!

MamiaOrio: Yesss!!

Iyonah: Can you tell me just a little about your iFuego Magazine?

MamiaOrio: Yes! It's pretty much of a magazine that features sexy avatar and 3D Ladies. The nature of the magazine is basically something for men to enjoy or women who like women. Most of my issues have nude models or half-naked women. The goal is providing a fantasy to its viewers.

Iyonah: Whew! I must say, sounds very tasteful and the photos are absolutely jaw-dropping. What does it take for a female to become an iFuego Baddie?

MamiaOrio: Thank You so much! She just has to be attractive with lots of sex appeal and high-quality pictures! That's all I require lol.

Iyonah: Yes yes got to keep it sexy! .. So tell me, where do you see yourself within the next 3years with your modeling?

MamiaOrio: I see me traveling all over the grid and being seen everywhere! I'm just working non stop to ensure that it happens. I'm a firm believer in if you want something to work you have to keep at it. It's almost like you have to eat, sleep and breathe it. That's the route I'm on right now!

Iyonah: Oh, I love that! Absolutely. So what is something you would tell your 12-year-old self today?

MamiaOrio: I would tell my 12-year-old self to stand firm in my beliefs. Don't worry about appeasing anyone but myself.

Iyonah:  Love it! Alright, love that pretty muchly sums it up for us! MamiaOrio, thank you for letting us interview you!

MamiaOrio: Thank you for featuring me!!! I enjoyed the interview! And nice to meet you!
To check out this SL iFuego Baddie, check her Instagram @mamiaorio!

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