Lets Talk Bill!

BILLLLLLL, BILLLLLL, BILLLLLL!!! Born July 12th, 1937 this man is 8o years old, he made The Cosby Show, he is the reason why I love chocolate pudding and will eat it faithfully. Bill Cosby did a live interview stating that he was in the process of trying to take over NBC, and then out of NOWHERE he slipped perkies in all these women chocolate Pudding!

“Extremely knowledgeable sources confide that America’s favorite comedian has linked his campaign with an elite management group and has hired Goldman Sachs to find financing for a serious run at NBC.”

Now if this really happened I am extremely sorry for who it happened to, but I’m so sorry I find it very hard to believe that he did something like this. I personally believed that Bill was framed but that is my personal opinion.

The first lady that came forth stating that Bill did what he did, spoke with her best friend about framing Cosby but her testimony was thrown out because the judge stated that her friend wasn’t a reliable witness.


These ladies stated that this happened in 1965 we are now in 2018 and everyone is coming forward, WHY COULDN’T WE JUST LET THAT MAN BE GREAT!…smh

I am not saying that Bill was an angel in this situation, but “RAPE” I don’t believe, he might have slapped a couple butts without asking but with stardom comes EGO’s which is not good and I am not making an excuse for him but come on peoples we are talking about “BILL COSBY” here BIIILLLLL “PUDDING” COSBY.

I hope these ladies are satisfied with the outcome and I hope they also know that, that lady they called Karma is a whole JERK and bill was loved, loved by a lot. Now his shows are pulled from TV all the reruns smh this is a sad story anyway when you look at it!!

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