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"We believe in dressing up in gorgeously impractical things, like tulle, sequins, sparkles and lace." -Anonymous


So the theme of this blog was quick wedding.  We put together an outfit using only things from the shop that we found on the FIRST TWO PAGES! Now anyone knows shopping can take sometimes an hour or more, especially when you are shopping for your wedding, but we wanted to test and see how fast we can throw together a shotgun/eloping outfit in less than 15min........crazy I know, but just hear us out!

So a little disclaimer, we didn't just open up shop and look through the first two pages, we actually typed in wedding gown and this dress came up at the top of the second page.  Now we know that depending on whatever IMVU has going on that day and how many products have been submitted since it might not show up there but for us we just rolled the dice and picked the best option we saw.  After the dress, the rest was pretty much downhill from there.  I normally feel like once I get my main outfit together; clothes and hair, then the rest is easy but that's just me.  Some people consider shoes a major part of an outfit but there are probably a billion shoes in the catty.

The dress includes this beautiful lace top and has that same lace trim around the bottom of the gown and down the back.  But the part I love the most is the added lace runner in the back.  Imagine walking down the isle and destroying your pictures with a beautiful detailed lace halter, which I think despite being sheer is very elegant, and then when you walk back down the isle to leave showing off your back with just a touch of's classic in the front with a touch of sexy in the back, but not too sexy for those conservative brides.  The sash is also apart of the dress and while normally I stay away from any outfit or mesh that has this because I feel like they look bulky and weird, I actually like it for this dress.  Now on to the flower, honestly if this were a bridal shop and we could alter the dress I would chop the flower off only because I am not a big flower person, however I don't think that it is enough to just scratch this dress out because of the other beautiful details.

For all of the brides out there we really hope that you leave yourself time to find a perfect dress for your big day because while we didn't have too much stress searching, we also were not searching for a wedding.  I would NEVER want to find a dress the day of my wedding it just seems way too stressful.  Do you guys think you can find your wedding dress in the shop the shop hours before your wedding?  Would you even try to do that?

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