Kylie and Travis ENDED!

Well here we are again with another Kylie and Travis break up. Kylie said him and her are remaining friends for the benefit of their kid they have together. Travis took it to social media saying these false rumors about him cheating isn't true. But sources are saying this other girl is what broke up Kylie and Travis. Kylie has not comment on how they broke up but we will hear it once it all hits the fan. For the benefit of their kid I hope they can work on their issues and make it bout their kid and not them. No kid should have to be in the middle of an failed relationship. Maybe this is better for kylie and Travis to be single and not together because breaking up and getting back together isn't a healthy relationship to be in. Will they work it out and get back together? Will the girl come out and tell her side if there is even a girl? Stay connected with us or TMZ to find out more. 

Below are some words that Travis had to say....


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