Kim Zolciak of RHOA

Now I am not a big fan of the Real house wives of Atlanta, but this story had me very perplexed. Especially with everything going on, I dont know if you guys heard the comments that Kim had let spew from her mouth last night on a episode of RHOA, Kim blamed racism on social media and claimed that it didn’t really exist.

But the entertaining part was the draggage that went on, on black twitter!!

The funniest was Kim getting the donkey of the day from the breakfast club which she had to know it was coming, kim zolciak has been proven to be racist on more than one occasion and has never had a problem with voicing her opinion, now i am a big fan of freedom of speech of course speak your opinion but when it comes back to you please do not go in hiding and play the victim because you exercised your right for freedom of speech so your going to take these comments and also the backlash, African american twitter has been going off about her comment which has been nothing but disrespectful but of course kim wont get the hurt and pain minorities have been undergoing because kim is considered priveleged and of course she will be on twitter or a radio station soon saying “I didnt mean it like that” but the misinformed are always the loudest and also the most emotional ones. She subconsciously just told us how she really feels!!





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