Kim Kardashian Dragged !

Kim Kardashion Dragged for supporting Racist Jeffree Star.

Kim kardashion-West Wife of Kanye West (a black man) has uploaded some videos to her snapchat of her getting her makeup done. While doing so, she explains to us that we should “spread postivity” and
“Forgive Jeffree Star for his past” and not even an hour later releases and apology stating that she’s sorry for speaking on such a sensitive topic.

This apology by far means that what she had said before in the first 2 videos stating we should all forgive Jeffree for his past, has back fired on her and this has us all wondering where her PR team were to have her release such a video with whats happening in Charlottesville. What made her think that telling black people to get over it would help her crappy contour kits sales?

Kim is the mother of 2 beautiful black children, saint and north and also married to a black man. We should think she’d understand but this is coming from the same woman who thought the illumanti was a religion.
Jeffree Star is a makeup Artist (MUA) who has had a huge following from back in the days of Myspace. He currently has 1.1 million Twitter followers and 5 million youtube subscribers.

Jackie Saying how she feels about Jeffree star

Sadly Jeffree here is a racist, he has also been caught on video calling a black woman the N word and threatened to harm MUA shayla (a black woman) and he has also called famous beauty guru Jackie Aina a rat.
You can’t attack jackie for stating her own opinion, she’s human too but here’s jeffree’s response

Jackie’s reponse here though is true. Racist persons don’t care for you only for your money and i am not one to tell you where to spend your money who to support you can still do as you please with it.

jackie’s response to jeffree.

Jackie right here, Although he has release and apology video which is 20 minutes long, but i watched it.
He didn’t seem like he was sorry at all but if you feel you want to see for your self “jeffree star – racism”
that is the name of the video.
Racism has always been here.

Here’s a Video with proof of his racist rants:

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