Kash Doll on Cardi B


Ok people lets talk about this “She Bad” song, which we’re finding out that Kash Doll was originally a part of. If you have been following Kash Doll she explained what happened on her Live she also went ahead and spit her verse so we can hear it.

Kash Doll stated “YG asked me to be on the song”, she had her verse on it and when the song was debut she wasn’t on it! Cardi B then commented on IG stating “The song was presented to her with just YG on it”, she also stated that she asked him if she can have the song and he said “yes”.

I actually like the version with Kash Doll on it, I feel as if Kash Doll is underrated as a rapper and a lot of people oversee her talent. She is very talented and also very pretty, which is a deadly combination.



Even though Cardi B had the ultimate come up, from Love and Hip Hop; to being everything that I want to be. I enjoy watching both but if you follow both people they’re stating that Cardi B is messy and you have people saying that Kash Doll was messy for even commenting on the situation.


I personally feel that Kash Doll is hurt and if I was in her position I would have been hurt too, but that’s my opinion.

Kash Doll even stated that she tried to upload her version on sound cloud and it was blocked.


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