Kanye is in the sunken place and needs some serious health evaluation. I don’t know if you guys have seen the craziness that has been going on with kanyeezy on Twitter & Instagram he is basically on every social media platform.

Kanye has called out almost everyone for not being with Donald Trump and backing his way of “Making America Great Again”! If you follow Kanye on Twitter you will see where he called out, John Legend and Ebro for basically telling him to Chill, but a lot of celebrities refuses to give up on Kanye. Kanye has stated that he is not in a sunken place, he is using his freedom of speech to reach out to his “FANS”.

I personally think that this is his tactics for his new CD, because why would he start his shenanigans when he states that he is about to drop a CD. His wife Kim came to twitter to let us know that its not cool to say that Kanye has “Mental illness” and we need to let him express himself. My comment is if Kanye can use his freedom of speech, we are entitled to give our opinion and he can keep that same energy in regards to what people has to say.

I do wish Kanye the best and I hope that he gets the help that he really needs, because I dont know whats going on but he need to sit and reevaluate his self.

Lets all send Kanye some air hugs and wish him the best in what he does, but Kanye is slowly but surely loosing all his fans!

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