Kanye West Sunday Service

It seem like every time i watch Kanye Sunday Service I get so emotional and it was on my heart to write this article about Kanye and what he has  turned into a Major Musical Worship/Praise Masterpiece. He has an amazing Choir and Musicians that bring tears to my eyes every time i listen to it, I get so into it, and it make me want to raise my hands to the heavens and praise him. Kanye started off doing this for himself for self healing after so much that had transpired in his life, as people started noticing his creative ability and how genius it was, they wanted to attend and be a part of it. Honestly all i see is greatness in the future of Kanye, and despite what anyone think of him or says, he is a genius that love his family. Check out the video below!!!

Sunday Service at Atlanta New Birth Church.

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