JDeNir0 of In My Z0n3 JM Art Galas

Interview: JDeNir0

Owner of In My Z0n3 JM Art Galas and IMVU Creator


Thank you for meeting with me this evening and taking the time out to interview with iBangerz Magazine.

JDeNir0: No problem, thank you for the opportunity I really appreciate being chosen to be in your magazine.  


What inspired you to become a creator on IMVU?

JDeNir0: Well nothing really inspired me, I just thought I’d give it a try. I’m not the best at creating but it was worth it! It’s kinda fun.


Your artwork is refreshing, edgy and very creative. Where do you come up with so many ideas?

JDeNir0: I’m a big kid at heart. Cartoons are life, it helps a lot when setting the mood for different rooms, also pictures with different designs and colors that pop out. Art with meaning behind them.



What did you envision when you thought of opening In My Z0n3 JM Art Gala and In My Z0n3 Prt2 JM Art Gala?

JDeNir0: To be honest when planning the galas, I was just thinking about it as just being a dope room where people can come stream, chill out and have fun exploring something new and different on IMVU.



Lots of users post pictures on IMVUs Feed as well as on Instagram tagging your account from your Art Galleries. How does that make you feel when you see it?

JDeNir0: It makes me feel really proud. It’s a blessing seeing people support me. Even on a bad day, I get a lot of dope positive feed back and it motivates me to want to do more rooms. My galas are top four of my greatest accomplishments on here.
HarleyBaebee: That’s awesome and I agree they’re amazing and so unique to IMVU.



You also have other establishments under your creations. Care to discuss what these rooms are and what they have to offer the IMVU Community?

JDeNir0: I have a pool hall (TF P00l Hall) where people can come chill and watch games, especially come playoff season. Other than my art galas I also host different events. My two major events are EMD Dubstep and Summer Splash Foam Party.


What makes you host these events?

JDeNir0: I do it so that people can experience something new on IMVU. I been hosting these events for seven years now. I love to spread awareness and have a good time, I just try to make things fun again on here.




What can we expect from JDeNir0 in 2018?

JDeNir0: April 2018, In My Zon3 Prt 3 Kilroy 45, will be opening. That will be my last gala. Now as for my events it’s undetermined (he chuckles).




Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping in anyway that’s allowed you to get where you are today in your creations?

JDeNir0: I would love to thank my kids! They actually inspired me to make the rooms. Also my close friends and family, as well as everyone who supports me and I appreciate it! Shoutouts to all the doubters and weirdos. You can’t stop Greatness….


Last but not least what do you think of iBangerz Magazine?

JDeNir0: iBangerzMag is a classic! It’s legendary!



Interviewed by: HarleyBaebee

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