“Is having sex on valentines day overrated or beautiful” Responses from viewers!

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Here are the responses we got back from our viewers on the question  “Is having sex on valentines day overrated or beautiful”

“I picked beautiful because that’s the day people show how much they love each other”
– @11s.amera
“I don’t think it’s overrated I think its romantic. It sets everything up just for you. It’s not about just what he buys you. If he gives you all his time and attention alongside (valentine day sex) you probably wouldn’t have wanted a gift anyway.”
– Reign , @reigngvd
“I think its great that since its the day of love, a little extra won’t hurt. This is your time to dress up sexier and go all out. Valentines is kinda boring if you didn’t have sex”
“I said it was beautiful and romantic because on that day the love is extra strong, its a whole day dedicated towards love and being loved so soon that day is extra special to me.”
-Ayana , @Aoutier.imvu
“You don’t need to have sex on valentines for it to be special. There are so many other ways you could feel beautiful and special”
-Nai , @nvmire._
“Why should valentines be the only day you put in overtime? or do things that make you’re significant another feel special? Doing that one thing that drives them crazy, taking them to their favorite place, making their favorite meal or wearing that thing that makes them want you, even more, shouldn’t just be reserved for one day of the year”
-Rhion . @_blk.coffee
“I would say its a bit of both, there are plenty other things you can do on Valentines then just having sex. Go out to laser tag, go for a romantic dinner then come home and make love.”
– Mariel , @liltingri.vu
“Its overrated to me because its something with your partner that you shouldn’t put all your best love and emotions all in one day in a year. Planning a romantic sexual experience with your partner should happen all through the year. It keeps the relationship healthy. Treat every day with your partner like its valentines day”
-Raw , @besticler
“When people think of valentines day, they always think of sex. It should if that’s what your partner is interested in but it is not required. This day is to cherish the person you love, even though that should be shown to them every other day. Sex is just a bonus”
-Monaa , @monaatheog.vu
“I feel like its overrated only because sex is an everyday thing, and if it’s with someone special then every day is Valentines Day!”
-Desi , @fideiez.vu
“It’s overrated because if I had a woman I would show her and cater to her every day, or just always a small gesture. There shouldn’t be one day you’re supposed to express your love and go all out. It should be every day just like your trying to win her over, or just trying to show how much you love her. But that’s also an easy way to get hurt when you express yourself too much for someone.”
-Odell , @obj.avu

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