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Hello , If you haven’t seen my name is Koltun King and i’m the one who writes these columns. I been part of staff team for about 2 1/2 months and its an honor being part of it . This topic is just explaining me and what i’m doing.  I’m 24 ( in the game ) years old with 2 kids . 1 girl which is 3 and 1 boy who is 5. I been in and out of relationships for years due to my fault or my other partner fault. I dated both genders boys and girls but i’m fully gay but doesn’t mean i know things. I answer my question usually from my dm at @kmotie. All my advice are based off actually events that happen to you guys. If you ever need advice you can always ask me and i can post it on the website to help others with the same issue but do not  worry i wouldn’t say your name. I’m very busy irl sometimes depending on what day it is because i attend school for about 8 hours than i have a part time job. Sometimes i have off but i still have plans because i’m my class president . I will be posting every Saturday and or Sunday every week. If i miss a day due to personal reasons i will make up to it with a double post the next one. There will be specials where i will do giveaways and certain days like for Holidays . Please any questions please contact the Magazine Staff , or Myself


If you have any question please feel free to Contact the following

Email :

Instagram : @kmotie or

IMVU : Koitun ( Capital I )

I’ll try to answer back as quickly as i can ! Office Hours will be posted it on the bored some time soon !


  • Koltun King ❤


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