Infinity War Shatters Opening Weekend $630M

Avengers Infinity War shattering box office opening weekend! Grossing $250Million Domestically for a grand total of $630Million World Wide! Audiences broke both records for an opening weekend Domestically as well as Worldwide. Marvels cinematic universe not only broke records this weekend with Infinity War but Black Panther that slid to 8th place went right back up to 5th place this weekend. Oh what a Marvelous weekend it was!



Horror film A Quiet Place still holding on strong coming in second. Bringing this films Domestic total of $148Million since its opening weekend  on April 6th! A film that was thought to not do well sure proved critics wrong…


Box Office Results April 27th – 29th, 2018


Avengers: Infinity War      $250,000,000

A Quiet Place                         $10,650,000

I Feel Pretty                            $8,130,000

Rampage                                 $7,105,000

Black Panther                       $4,381,000

Super Troopers 2                $3,600,000

Truth or Dare                       $3,210,000

Blockers                                   $2,945,000

Ready Player One              $2,435,000

Traffik                                       $1,620,000

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