iBangerz Magazine Exclusive Interview With Qez!

iBangerz Exclusive Interview With The ”Latin Heat” Qez!

Video By: RoseexB3ndit0 @ IMVU

Hello Readers! today we have something a little special in store for you. 

Ladies….& Gents, please hold on to your seats as we get into this exclusive interview with IMVU’s #1 male dancer…The Latin Heat, MarkQez Aka Qez XXX Male Entertainer & more!…maybe you’ve heard of him?  or maybe you haven’t ?

Well today we sat with him to get to know him a little more and get exclusive details of his upcoming events & projects!

Interviewer: First…Tell me a little about you…

Qez: My name is MarkQez.. But everybody calls me Qez or Papi for the ladies lol…Im 29 years old… born in Brooklyn to a Rican mother and a Cuban/Jamaican father, i have a passion for cars and fixing them up and reparing them so thats the route i took and i am also a personal trainer.

Interviewer: What are your best personality traits ?

Qez: I’m fun with a great sens of humour, Honest, Determinated, i’m a Go getter….i never give up i have a winner’s mindset.

Interviewer: What are all the services you provide on IMVU other then XXX Adult entertainment and fitness instructor ?

Qez: I create…rooms & furniture but i mostly do custom items, i organize and host events…i actually hosted America’s got talent (open mic), i model a little, i’m a fitness instructor. I’m currently working on a dating show for IMVU with my kid mama, we had the idea back in 2015 and will be presenting it in the next year…i will be hosting it, not be a contestant lol.

Interviewer: Tell me more about your Fitness classes…can people hire you as a personal fitness instructor ?

Qez: I’m looking into doing more with that. I did a lot of classes last year but other things have come along since… so its been squeezed out a little but yes, i can be hired as a personal instructor as well. I also do Aerobic  classes and i also do Latin dance classes…you actually don’t need  a partner for that and it’s real good fun, a lot of people tell me after my classes that they feel like they really went to a real life class.

Interviewer: I think its a good idea especially for those on imvu that like to role play on the game just like real life, it gives something more to our pixel life.

Qez: Fasho, i think i’m the only one that does these types of classes, again it’s something transferred from my real life to IMVU. I saw a gap in that market and took it lol.

Interviewer: I know you’ve mentioned the dating show but do you have any other upcoming events that you would like to promote for our readers that are reading this right now ?

Qez: Well i have a event i’m going to be hosting on November 18th… Christmas is coming and although i did Christmas events in the past, it’s hard to get a good crowd because everybody is either doing their own parties or going to one… so my event in November will be School Disco…we all dress up in school gear (naughty or conservative), there will be prizes as well, a quiz , dope music and a great atmosphere…the inbox invitations for that event will be going out on November 1st but i will also post on Instagram…everyone is welcome to join the fun.

Interviewer: If you could give an advice to someone who wants to start on a project or career (real life or imvu), what would you tell them ?

Qez: I think you have to do things because its what you want to do and not follow the crowd, there are so many people that do things because someone else is doing it, my advice would be, be honnest with yourself…why do you want to pursue a certain project ?  Then i think you should ask advices to a professional in that area…and see if you’re really suited for it, see if you can give it 100% and be dedicated to it…some people can take on something and be a born natural and some people can’t. So do something that you like…not something that will make people like you.

Interviewer: Out of everything you do on IMVU…what do you most like to do ? whats your main favorite job and why ?

Qez: Dancing and my events…mainly because it’s something i do from scratch, i rehearse my dance routines, i create my own rooms and scenarios for the events…so after working so hard on something it’s nice to see it come to life and to see it being appreciated from my clients…that makes me feel good. You know, when people say they are bored on IMVU to me it’s crazy because this is a virtual chat site…it’s not just for us to chat, it’s for us to use our brains and imagination…if you have an idea for IMVU…make it come true, the end result is satisfying.

Interviewer: What is the most satisfying thing bout your performances ?

Qez: Getting positive feedback, receiving messages for clients saying they had a great time,being re-booked and being recommended to other people, knowing that i did what i set out to do and that’s be great entertainment.

Qez: I’m hard on myself and also…with dancing, everyone was doing the same thing so i had to put my own touch to it and step my game up, that’s the kind of man i am, always looking to do a little better…you have to give the audience what they want you know.

Well readers, this is all i have for you! i hope you enjoyed this little interview & also the video we have for you up top. I can personally say that i’ve been to a few of Qez’s shows and he is an amazing performer…now you know where to go if you want to add a little something special to your bachelorette party,birthday party…anything! lol. I’m very happy to have gotten the chance to sit down with him and put together an amazing interview, thank you for reading!

For Bookings you can contact him on IMVU @ Qez or his instagram @ latinopapi.vu

Signing Out- Lia Aka Aatiya♥

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