iBANGERZ 3rd Annual Award Show

A Night On the Red Carpet

Sunday night was a star student event filled with great performances and overall a great atmosphere. Many artists, business owners, and more were honored for their work here on IMVU. It was a night of recognition and appreciation for their contributions whether it be in music, fashion, or seeing to it that you are getting the best of the best. We are thankful for those who made the night possible and look forward to seeing you all next year! Be sure to watch the highlights of the awards below:



Creator of the Year: iDezzBanks

Supermodel of the Year: Ficsation

Videographer of the Year: Skittles

Blogger of the Year: Fvture

Female Artist of the Year:  BadGalRiri

Male Artist of the Year: JCole

Record Label of the Year: Gucci Entertainment

Graphic Artist of the Year: Dushii

Honored Business Mogul: SaquezAmor

Award Recipients:

I Write Checks Awards: BijanLux

Bloggers World Award: The Melanins

iBangerz Glow Model Award: MulaDollNXS

Prestige Female Music Artist  Award: Jidenna

Prestige Male Artist Award: Beyonce

Best IMVU Club: Lux Lounge

IMVU Hottest Male Creator: Yeezy

IMVU Hottest Female Creator: Izis

Most Bomb Female Artist: Aaliyah

Elite Video Director: Inquired

The Graphic Artist Award: Stella

Best Actor of the Year: FuqYoPride

Best Duet of the Year: LilKim & PDiddy




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