My eyes feel what your eyes desire
My ears hear what your heart pounds
And yet I'm left clueless
You see I failed to recognize the small details
And failed to see the whole picture
I reached out my hand for help
To feel your emotions amongst your skin
As if I was a blind man reading braille
I'm no psychic yet my eyes continue to try and decipher the depths of your thoughts
I'm no counselor yet my ears try to feel your emotions with each word you speak
I am a black Male trying to live in a world filled with numbers
But I'm not an accountant yet I'm trying to calculate how to better my life
I'm no criminal but the way I live breaks the law
I'm no singer but I pray my life harmonizes with each step I take forward and backward
I'm no commander yet I strategize what battles to enter
Playing by the rules just to break them
Moving in silence as I form a mold of who I am
And when that mold is set free
The discovery of the search for who I am is revealed
And the true battle starts
For my pen, paper, and mind is a work of art
Craving to make you feel
Craving to grab your attention
Yet we aren't soldiers who listen to orders
We are poets and listeners
Craving for fellow poets to get lost in their emotions
Craving for the rawness of our vulnerability
I'm an African American Male Poet loving to  defy the odds
Wow-what a mouthful
But I'm glad to fill my stomach of knowledge.



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